Acne No More – Acne Prove Skin

If the drying is inferior and will remain on the skin for example in the inter digital spaces remaining water, thanks to the evaporation of water, the skin gets shrunken and leads to activation of acne.

Gentle but proper drying is in the hands of a very important event. There are also special liquid soaps for acne, but are not covered by health insurance.

Then there is the question of shampoo and appropriate choice of shampoo. If topic acne is not directly in your hair, then do not use special shampoo for acne.

But it should reach for the shampoo with neutral or acidic pH, unscented and free herbal ingredients. PH skin with acne is very important; the optimum pH ensures optimal functioning of the skin, including the immune system and skin barrier.

If for any reason the pH falls (over drying, improper soaps, etc.), activates enzymes in the skin, which in the form of increased skin and thereby robbing eke modicum worsen their problem.

Alkaline pH interferes with the skin’s ability to function as a barrier and the skin is then irritable and responsive to inflammation.

If we talk about supplements, then in relation to atomic acne, we must mention two groups, which have been clearly demonstrated beneficial effects.

They are unsaturated fatty acids, called essential, which to some extent in the skin of acne is missing.
Many of them are contained in ointments and creams, that is in the external form, but there are also pills and capsules, intended to be used internally.


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