Eczema Free Forever – Eczema Prevention

It is Important to know whether they about eczema but there is a third situation, when the topic eczema, which is properly treated, the patient complies with all prevention, improving.

Then it is necessary Zapata if after all any allergies, whether air (dust, pollen, feathers, dust mites, etc.), or microbial food can not play its role.

Examination, normally carried out by a dermatologist, then it is the quest for hidden infections. If the skin, respiratory or urinary tract is any overt or covert infection may activate the immune system and thereby indirectly eczema.

Why is this test done and what are the risks?
As already mentioned, atomic eczema is linked to allergies, but not always. Sometimes it is the development of so-called atomic or atomic march.

At the beginning of a small child is suffering from eczema, usually not detectable by any laboratory positive allergy. Over time, if not eczema under control, inflammation is intense; the child may become allergic to a majority of airborne allergens. In this way, sooner or later takes place in about 70 to 80% eczema.

A certain percentage of people have only eczema, no other
Allergies measures in terms of prevention and treatment are in both these groups eczema completely identical second group without allergies but have a better prognosis in what happens if for some reason eczema hereditary burden, poor treatment, lack of prevention, etc. too active.

A child can go to the adult stage where autoimmunity provoked and irritated, so apart from the allergy person becomes more automaker icky.


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